Negotiating Fees

3 March, 2016

Many times people really do not read all the fine print associated with an agreement for a credit account such as a credit card, phone, or cable TV.  Situations often arise where fees can be charged and customers often times simply pay the fees and do not worry about it – thinking it is just something they have to pay.  However, in some situations it may be worth your time to call the company and ask them to forgive the fee.

For example, if you are late on a credit card payment the credit card company will charge you a late fee in addition to the interest.  This late fee is usually $20 or higher.  If you always pay your bill on time and just made a mistake, call the company and explain this.  Reference your good payment record and ask if they would remove the late fee as a courtesy to you.  In many cases they usually will. 

Another good example is if you have a signed up for a free trial on something, maybe like a movie channel on your cable television or a new feature on your cell phone.  If you forget to call and cancel or remove the service and you get charged the fee you should call and tell them it was an oversight and to please remove the charge.  If they refuse, you might consider telling them if they will not remove the fee, you will change to a competitor.  There is a lot of competition in most industries so these companies are not anxious to lose your business.

You may not always get your money back but it is certainly worth a few minutes of your time to call and check.  As the old saying goes, it never hurts to ask.  Just remember to always be professional and polite on the phone – the person on the other end will appreciate that and will be much more likely to work with you on your request.

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