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7 August, 2011

NeuStar’s UltraDNS provides DNS management solutions and business solutions to businesses that depend upon DNS for their significant enterprise processes and services, delivering superior security, reliability and performance. UltraDNS offers a range of global and local comprehensive DNS solutions both managed services and custom infrastructure built on the unique Directory Services Platform and proprietary, patented technologies.

So the obvious question is what is DNS?
The basics from SamSpade.org “Basics – Internet Protocol Addressing Each machine connected to an IP network such as the Internet is addressed using a unique 32 bit number, the IP address. Many machines will have more than one IP address – for example a machine running virtual websites will have an IP address for each website they host. Other times a pool of IP addresses is shared between a number of machines – eg on a dynamic-IP dialup connection your machine will be allocated a different IP address each time you connect. These addresses are usually written in Dotted Quad notation, as a series of four 8 bit numbers, written in decimal and separated by periods. For example Each number is in the range 0 to 255 – so if you ever see something that looks like an IP address with numbers outside those ranges it’s not a real address. The leftmost number is the most significant, and the rightmost the least. So and are right next-door to each other whilst and are completely unrelated.”

By utilizing complex routing technology, the topologically closest name server resolves all DNS requests, considerably reducing the exposure to intrinsic Internet latency. As well, hierarchical manageability provides unprecedented levels of granular control that allows businesses to manage their DNS according to both business and operational requirements. As a result, the service provides significantly enhanced performance, manageability, scalability, and security over legacy DNS implementations. How can UltraDNS help? The Managed External DNS Service offers businesses fast, seamless, fail-safe Internet connections with never-fail address resolution that always keeps networks online and available.

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