Not even embarrassed but still going red Alices

15 May, 2010

I’m Blush free :

Might possibly be in a situation or about to be in a situation that you don’t want to be in, you feel your body generating to panic and anxiety, heart rate goes up, perspiring hands and body. Then wham!! all of a sudden it is like another person has turned up the blood flow to your face. You go amazing red. Everyone can see you and you can see everyone gazing at you. It is the most awful experience ever.

This used to happen to me a bunch of times a day. I actually quit a good job because it made me so bummed out and bothered about myself. Going red in the face all in all broke my self-confidence.

More bothering I went to see my doctor about this and he said. “Can you please go red for me now?” And i couldn’t go red!

I got to know it was all in my mind, but knowing that didn’t help the immense blushing problem. I wanted a way to stop it.

I had tried pills, my doctor said they are just sugar pills. I tried hypnosis for a some time. Nope that didn’t work. I thought the last thing to do was the surgery….

But then i clicked on to a blushing, eBook.

I said to myself this is the last thing i am going to try, if the how to stop face from turning red eBook doesn’t work i am getting the dangerous surgery and i don’t care how much it costs.

Guess what! It actually worked!! The eBook worked!

I have been blush free for nearly 3 months :

This eBook changed my life, thank you so much “Stop Blushing…Start Living”,

This is a true story believe it or not, i really did have this problem and now it is gone, for good.

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