Online Freebies and Where to Find Them

20 March, 2017


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Who wouldn’t want to get great free stuff without doing much? Many companies now give free items to customers for a variety of reasons. One of the more common reasons is because the shopper decides to switch.Life insurance companies typically give customers free things when they switch to that company, purchase a new policy or add to their existing policy.

Life cover works like any other type of insurance. You pick the amount of coverage that you want and make payments every month, which the company refers to as premiums. You typically need to go through a physical or evaluation from a doctor, which ensures that you are in good health. You must also select a beneficiary for your policy. Upon your passing, your beneficiary gets a check for the total amount of coverage. This money can pay off for funeral costs, pay off your mortgage or cover other things that your family needs.

To get more customers, somelife assurancecompanies offer freebies for shoppers. You might get a free stuffed version of the company’s mascot, tickets to a concert in your area or even jewelry. Every company offers a different type of incentive for customers. This is similar to how some banks give away free stuff for those that open a new checking or savings account. You might get a free toaster or a free piggy bank by opening a new account at that bank.

You can also get free things by sitting through a sales presentation. This method is common with timeshare companies and vacation rental companies. You watch a short presentation on the perks of that particular company and meet with one of the sales staff. Afterwards, you get free tickets to an amusement park, cash or other prizes.

Car dealerships entice customers with the chance to win free prizes through mass mailings. They send out advertising brochures or mailings that have a key attached to the front. The dealership might send thousands of cars and only one key is the winner. You must visit the dealership and try starting the car or opening the door with the key that you receive. The owner of the working key wins the car as the prize. The dealership hopes that people who do not win will still purchase a car from that lot.

Another way to get free things is by contacting companies that sell products you like or use. Write a short letter on what you like about the product and send it to the manufacturer. Many manufacturers reward customers with coupons for free items redeemable at their local stores. You can also visit the official website and sign up for a free newsletter, if the company offers one. This newsletter typically lists information on new or existing products, but also includes coupons. Sometimes you can get access to special sales or free trial products through the newsletter. Companies now give away free things on their Facebook pages too, letting you get free things for just following that page.

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