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26 January, 2012

Various Types of Important Photonic Sensors And Technology

Scientists are always looking for new ways to create and maintain newer, more efficient ways to generate power, gather information about sources of energy and enhance tools to make the research process easier and more accurate. None of these things could be accomplished without the use of photonic sensors. These sensors can be used to detect temperature, pressure, exact positioning and exact displacement, and thus are necessary in any project that requires physics and quantum mechanics.

This company is employing sensing technology to create tools which measure temperature and pressure. Temperature and pressure are two factors which can have a huge effect on the environment and cost of output if tampered with in nuclear, magnetic and oil plants. Thus, there are tools such as PalmSense, the fiber optic temperature sensors which are handheld. Handheld pressure sensors are also produced by this company.

Non-contact positioning sensing technology is ideal for the manufacturing industry. They can be used to monitor the movement of robotic arms, even in strong RF fields. Data can be collected about exact movements in the manufacturing process easily with these tools. There are also contact and non-contact displacement sensors which industries can employ to gather information about optical displacement in any sort of environment.

Another way that Photon Control is advancing technology to better the environment’s safety is through the Total Sulfur Analyzer. This analyzer uses sensing technology to detect even the slightest traces of sulfur in the gas and diesel used for transportation. The regulations have recently changed, and because these photonic sensors are the only ones that can detect such a small amount of contaminant, they will soon be an extremely important tool in making gas emissions less harmful.

Compact, innovative spectrometers are also somewhat new to the market. Tools like this use photonic sensors to emit light into a substance and use the information to collect data about the content of a chemical. Spectrometers are becoming extremely important in the manufacturing and sales fields. Monitoring substances for unwanted contaminants and inspecting lasers and other optical components are made simple with this new tool.

Overall, sensing technology is important for a number of reasons when it comes to energy and utilities. They can detect detrimental conditions without even coming into contact with the area. They also largely depend on rechargeable batteries. Thus, they are efficient in terms of time and energy, making it cheaper for consumers to ensure that they are using their resources as efficiently as possible and getting the best price for doing so.

Photonic sensors are crucial tools for the modern world. There are too many different resources being used and sold in attempts to make life a bit cheaper. However, it is important that these resources are not unknowingly detrimental, and testing for unwanted substances, radiation, or temperatures can become expensive. Thus, photonic sensors are available to do this as economically and resourcefully as possible.

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