Orthodontist Oklahoma City to Treat Bite Irregularities

24 August, 2015

A bad bite or malocclusion makes you feel unsightly. That is one common reason why a lot of occupants in Oklahoma City find orthodontic treatment from an orthodontist Oklahoma City. Irregular bite leads to difficulty in chewing. It could also lead to more cavities or gum ailments in individuals with crowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment is a perfect method to fix irregular bites, crowded teeth, and other forms of alignment problems.

Common Bite Problems

Orthodontist Oklahoma City is an expert in the field of orthodontics which can handle common bite troubles such as crossbite, crowding, and deep overbite. In a crossbite, the upper teeth rest considerably inside or outside the lower teeth. Crowding may happen when there is not enough room for the teeth, if the teeth are strangely large than the size of the dental arch or if the jaw is narrower than it should be. When the upper front teeth or incisors overlap too far over the lower teeth, deep overbite takes place.

Other bite irregularities that an orthodontist Oklahoma City can manage are underbite, open bite and spacing problems. Underbite happens if the lower teeth are ahead of the upper teeth. Orthodontic surgery may be required to correct this problem. If your upper and lower posterior teeth don’t meet when you bite down, this condition is called the open bite. Folks who have missing teeth or unusually small teeth in a normal sized jaw can result in large spaces between the teeth. A qualified orthodontist can apply braces to shift the position of these teeth to replace missing tooth or teeth.

Moreover, malocclusion might be caused by early or late loss of baby teeth, trauma, prolonged thumb-sucking or use of pacifier. When left untreated, it might become worse. Thus, it is necessary to have it checked by an orthodontist in Oklahoma City to fix this issue. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t only boost your dental health, but it also transforms your facial appearance for the better. They can improve your self-esteem and change the way other individuals see you.

Whether you have an irregular bite, a gummy smile, or some other orthodontic issues, newest orthodontics can help. With the services of an orthodontist Oklahoma City, what can otherwise be an damaging bite could be corrected.

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