Paid Search Advertising 5 Ways to Slash Your Marketing Cost

8 June, 2015

Samuel Ng asked:

Search engine marketing can be costly if you are not sure what you are doing. On the other hand, if you know a few simple tricks, you can slash your cost without compromising your level of leads and sales. Here are 5 ways to slash your marketing cost.

Quality Score

Search engines such as Google will reward you with lower cost per clicks when you improve your quality score. You can simply start by adding business links such as privacy policy and your business contact page. If you have time, create terms of service and disclaimer pages as well.

Related Themes

You also want to group your keywords into tightly related themes within your adgroups. After that, you can then match your keywords with your ads and your landing pages. Once again, this will improve your quality score which results in lower cost per clicks.

Negative Keywords

Many similar words actually refer to exactly different things. Using negative keywords you can filter out people who are obviously not searching for you. In this way, you will cut down your impressions, which results in higher click through rates and higher click through rates will slash your cost per click.

Position Preference

Set your position preference from 1 to 10 so that you will show up only on the first page. Once again, you will slash your impressions, resulting in higher click through rates and higher click through rates will get you a much lower cost for your clicks. This works wonders for competitive markets.

Price Filter

This is slightly different from what you know. Adding a price on your ads will result in lower click through rates and less clicks. This may be a good thing for you, considering that you are paying for clicks. If people click even when they see your price, your sales conversion should not be too bad.

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