Pay Per Click Advertising How to Easily Avoid 3 Deadly Ppc Advertising Bloopers

28 January, 2014

Roy Sencio asked:

Pay Per Click Advertising is easy if you know how. Many website owners and internet marketers have ventured into Pay Per Click Advertising but only a handful of them successfully leverage on this method of driving traffic. Those who do master it, benefit tremendously from the increase in targeted traffic and higher conversion rates.

But why do many fail? It comes down to 3 simple mistakes.

First, the most common blooper is starting a campaign with too many Keywords. If you have too many Keywords there is a chance that you are going to get too many impressions which can result in a lower click through rate. For Google AdWords advertisers, this is going to be very important since your click through rate influences your Quality Score which in turn affects how much you are going to be paying per click. In short, if you start a campaign with too many Keywords, you are likely to be spending a bigger overall amount.

Instead of starting with a ton of Keywords, start with a few broad and lateral Keywords that are most relevant to the website you want to send that traffic to, and has the most number of searches. Try to get a good number of clicks from these Keywords to get a good click through rate and a better Quality Score, then later add more keywords and long tails in batches and not all at once.  Put each of these broad Keywords in an Ad Group of its own so you can customize the Ad Text to be very specific and relevant to the Keyword. This also makes it easier later when adding long tail Keywords; you simply drop the long tail into the same Ad Group as it’s root broad Keyword.

Second mistake people make in PPC Advertising is not sending traffic to an optimized landing page. You might have clicked some PPC Ads in the past which send you to a website main page. Statistics show that conversions are higher if you send the traffic to a landing page that steers the visitor towards a conversion. The landing page design, and content is crafted in a way that makes a visitor do either of two things, perform the conversion or leave the page. A well optimized landing page is one that converts a specific percentage of visitors regularly.

Third is failing to track and test Keywords, Ad Text and Landing Pages. When you don’t track, you are unable to distinguish which Keywords bring in traffic that converts from the traffic that simply costs you money. You will also be unable to determine which Ad Text brings in those ideal buying visitors, instead of the browsing kind. When you know which Keywords just cost money, but don’t yield sales, delete them. Earlier we talked about optimizing landing pages and to do that, you need to test them through split testing or by testing several elements all at once via Multivariate or Taguchi testing. Doing so will continually improve your landing page and keep pushing your conversion rates up.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you avoid the three common mistakes in PPC Advertising, keep your costs low, your profits high and your conversions soaring.

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