Pay Per Click Advertising

4 January, 2016

how you can get thousands of people to your site with pay per click

who are highly targeted, so they will buy your product and make you lots
of money!)

You might not know this, but most of the people who I get
to come to my websites is through pay per click advertising. The great
advantage of this is that you can get people straight away. You see
results almost immediately (well it takes a few minutes to set up your
accounts, and can take a couple of days to approve your listings). This is
how I managed to go from no visitors to making $8340 per month from lots
of visitors in just my third month on the Internet.

You might not realize that many of the search results are
paid for. If you have your site listed in a pay per click search engine,
then whenever a visitor clicks on the link to go to your site, you must
pay something to the search engine. This can vary from 1 cent all the way
up to $15 just for one click! But don’t worry. You can control how much
you pay for each click. If you set it at 5 cents, you will never pay more
than 5 cents.

For example, let’s say you have a site that sells hair
dressing equipment. You might want people to see your site when they
search for “hair dressing salons”. You can bid on a pay per
click search engine so that your site is displayed for this search term.

The biggest pay per click search engine is Overture. The
way Overture works is that you bid for a search term, and the people who
make the highest bids get to display their site first in the search
engine. The reason why Overture is the biggest is because the top 3
results for each search term are displayed for everyone who searches on
Yahoo, Info Space, Altavista and MSN as well as quite a few other large
search engines. This means that a lot of people will see your site.

The best thing to do is to sign up for an account with
Overture and start bidding on different keywords.

There are also many other smaller pay per click sites. The advantage
of these smaller pay per click search engines is that they usually cost
a lot less to get the top spot. (Overture can cost quite a lot to get
the top spot). The best of the smaller ones are listed below. These will
get you a reasonable amount of traffic (not as much as Overture), but
the traffic will usually cost quite a bit less.

– gets 15 million searches per day, and much less expensive than

– The best one I think.

– this is the best search engine to use for getting traffic to sites in
the UK.

Ok, so how do I use
these pay per click search engines to get lots of traffic?

Well, the first thing you need to do is to research the
keywords that you will need to focus on. This is crucial. You need to
know what people actually type into the search engines. To
find out more about keyword research click here.

Next, you need to bid for the keywords that you want, on
the various pay per click search engines. One problem you might
encounter is that some of the pay per click search engines have high
prices for the keywords you want. That is why you must know two crucial

1. How much money you make for every visitor you get to
the site.
2. What are all of the keywords that a person might search for to find
your product.

If you have a large list of keywords, then you will find
some which only cost you small amounts – 5 to 10 cents – per visitor.
And, if you have a great product, then should be making at least 30
cents for every visitor to your site. Also if you keep the email
addresses of your visitors, then you will keep making money again and
again, because you can email them with follow up offers (only if you
have their prior permission of course, otherwise it is spam which is
definitely not a good way to go).

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