Pearl earrings Artificial or real how can you tell with Pearl Cillians

24 September, 2011

Pearls had been passed down the generations but how are you able to tell whether yours are real or fake? If you are confused this will help, without necessity of an X-Ray!


Smooth pearls are likely imitations. You possibly can tell by lightly biting the edge of that pearl by using your upper teeth. But be certain not to swallow! Real pearls will usually feel gritty or sandy.

Rub test

Lightly rub two pearls againstone another. Again if they feel gritty or sandy, these are real pearls

Magnifying glass

The clues at the surface. You will ideally see a scaly, maze-like, surface legitimate pearls. If they look grainy, the beads are imitation pearls

Drilled holes

The top of the pearl at the drill hole will not “sink in” or “rise” as is seen in many fakes which have been formed and coated with the holes already made to the core. In legitimate pearl, the hole is simply smooth and may even be chipped a bit.

Sun test

Holding the pearl up to direct sunlight will show imperfections – fake pearls have standard shapes and virtually no imperfections.

Pearl necklaces strand test.

If lots of pearls are completely, completely round and flawless, and show no evidence of being distinctive from each other, they are almost certainly fake. Compare all of the pearls over the strand or do a comparison of both of the pearl earrings.

Obtain background information on the pearls

Talk to the person who gave the pearls to you in the beginning. For instance, if the grandmother gave them ask her where she got them and just how sure she is they are real or fake. Needless to say this isn’t reliable for confirming the pearls are real, but can often confirm if the pearls are fake.

Regardless of whether that pearl pendant or pearl earrings turn up to be fake, who would know at the end of the day apart from you? You can easlily still enjoy being dressed in “pearl” jewelry which has stood the test of time. But in case you do pass on your pearls, whether bogus or not, do point out their historical past.

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