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18 February, 2013

Personal Organizer Software – EfficientPIM Free/Pro

Personal organizer software can be a great solution for your daily planning needs whether in your business or at home. One option you have is EfficientPIM Free/Pro. This personal information manager program software is available for download on your computer or USB portable device so that you can manage your data both at home and at work without data synchronization.

It is a software program that is compatible with Vista, Window 7 and other popular operating systems.

This personal organizer software helps you keep track of appointments, birthdays, contacts, to-do lists and other important tasks. There is even space for keeping private information such as diaries, notes or passwords. Efficient PIM also includes a document editor similar to Microsoft Word so that you can edit and write your diary, memos, notes or other important information.

It is also an electronic diary that offers simple graphic facilities like pictures, emoticons, tables and useful features. You can even transfer notes directly to your desktop with the aid of the organizer.

Efficient PIM has a recycle bin along with backup and restore features so that you will not accidentally permenantly delete important files or information. Sensitive information is stored in a encrypted format so that you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your data. You can even customize your interface style with the eight available styles provided with the software.

Finally, EfficientPIM Free/Pro is also available in different languages like Spanish, Croatia, Swedish, Thai, Farsi, Hungarian, Indonesia, and Finish and it available for download freely but some features will not be included. But, to enjoy the full benefits, it can be purchased for about $39.95.

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