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25 March, 2012

Hi people, my name is TheRazor – Marcos Martins – and as of this moment I would like to share with you one of the reasons why Confidential Conversions Review works so incredibly well.

Right now I will be sharing with you why and how mobile marketing can change your business, and why you can’t afford not to leave without it.

This is super easy to do, in your squeeze pages, instead of just asking for the name and email fields you start also asking for the mobile digits box This is likely to decrease your opt-in percentage by a relatively few percentage points but it will get you a higher revenue in the back end of the funnel.

Here’s why…

If they get commit to something they are more likely to stick with you in the future, that means more money and more readers for you.

People have their email mailboxes flooded every single day with a huge amount of emails, and you can bet they don’t even open half of them, because people are just too busy with their lifes. Now,when you send your leads a text message directly into their mobile phone, you have almost complete certainty they will get to the phone, open and read your message right away.

But there are a fewthings you need to lookout for when you are structuring your mobile marketing messages.

– They need to be tiny, and cause a lot of curiosity.

– And the URL you use as to to be short, and extremely easy to remember as well as to type in

Because they will have to find a computerand type in that url in the browser, so if you fail at any of these steps, you will have your mobile marketing campaign screwed.

But don’t worry because along with Confidential Conversions that’s one of the things you will learn how to dolike a pro… meaning you will be able to bring in more cash from 1 mobile numbers you get, then from 100000 email addresses you collect.

Ok fellows that’s all from me right now onmobile marketing, my name is TheRazor and I hope you have enjoyed the content I made for you.

just go do this stuff
Confidential Conversions Review

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