Photovoltaic Solar Systems Advantages and Disadvantages

4 September, 2015

If you want to switch over to solar power, the good news is that you can save a lot of money while actually helping the environment in a big way. The bad news is that things can get a little confusing, as few people really understand a lot about solar energy.

Making sure that your solar system is tied in with your regular system is a great idea all around. This way, you will always have power even if your own rig doesn’t produce enough, and if you have anything extra, that power is going back to the main grid and you can actually make money from the town or county by selling power to everyone else.

Find out what your primary culprits for energy usage are. Do you leave the thermostat at a temperature that drives up those energy costs? Are there certain appliances that you leave plugged in? Think of ways that you can lower your overall energy consumption in order to help your efforts.

What makes all of these different uses achievable is the development of solar energy systems. You will notice two standard varieties of solar energy technologies presently used today: solar thermal energy (STE) and photovoltaic (PV) energy. Solar thermal collectors just harness the heat or thermal energy generated by the sun. This thermal energy is generally used to heat water which in turn can easily be stored and used for common every day requirements or piped to a household heating system. STE may be stored by heating up or energizing a thermal mass that is designed to continue to radiate heat even when the sun isn’t shining. Solar thermal collectors actually are significantly more efficient in comparison with photovoltaic collectors but on the other hand energy storage is somewhat more cumbersome. Photovoltaic solar panel systems produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. This electric current may be used immediately or alternatively stored by using batteries for later use. This is actually one of the more significant solar energy facts whenever you are dealing with PV energy systems. Battery storage is incredibly significant since it means it is possible to store solar power for use through the night or during cloudy or rainy days.

There is no oil needed to run a solar system. Nothing is in motion really, so you’re not producing any harmful emissions in the atmosphere. When you’re working with solar power, you are 100% green across the board.

However, a single solar cell can barely power a flashlight, much less you home. That is why many of these small solar cells are wired together into solar panels, and these panels all work together to create the solar array that powers your home. The reason why you can even have a small solar installation in your home is because of this expandable property of solar energy. If you could only use a single cell to power a device, you would have to have a huge solar cell for each device in your home, which would simply be too cumbersome.

Now it’s time to enjoy your energy and power-saving benefits. Solar panels are cool, and they are the new thing. They look nice on the home, and they do exactly what they’re supposed to do. While solar panels are on the rise, there is much more to know about them. Make sure you do your research, as these inventions are relatively new. You can find out many more perks just by looking around. Solar panels give you complete control over your energy consumption and allow you to figure out other things you can do on top of that.

Do more research about solar energy and meet with a professional to assess your needs. Investing in a solar system is an important decision; you need to make sure that you can afford it and that solar energy is the best option for you.

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