Pirelli Tires Have Been Around for More Than a Century Providing Excellent Products

26 October, 2013

In Milan, 1872, a young entrepreneur by the name of Giovanni Pirelli founded the Pirelli & C Company, which would a year later begin producing rubber products- some years later, a rubber boom occurred. In 1879, insulated telegraph wiring required rubber, with quite a few new innovations in between that point and 1890, when the first bicycle tire was produced- the first automobile ‘tyre’ designed by this firm was manufactured in 1901. One century later, this company was still on top in the market and created a brand new design to producing tires, called MIRS, which automatically constructs the tires. Due to their innovative design and performance, Pirelli tires were the exclusively contracted company to deliver tires to the 2011-2013 World Championships.

Currently, the Pirelli Company sells in over one-hundred sixty countries with nineteen industrial facilities found across four continents thanks to their ‘green performance’ technology. The vast improvement on how production impacts the environment, such as lower emissions, certainly does not affect the excellent qualities of these tires. Not only continuing in environmental study, Pirelli also strives to continue designing new tires to bring to the market, to keep ahead of the competition and provide all-around upgraded goods.

Many certified locations specialize in selling these superior tires, especially discount enterprises, presenting the consumer more options besides ordering directly from the manufacturer. Discount locations are excellent for their customer service, shipping services, and most importantly offering the exact same tire at promotional pricing- sometimes free shipping can even be found from time to time, as sale items go on and off. These companies can work with any address as far as shipping is concerned, and even offer to ship these tires to joint companies that deal in mounting tires for these special customers as they arrive in their stores, for those who lack the time or cannot physically install these tires on their own.

In addition to passenger vehicles and trucks, Pirelli also specializes in commercial, racing, and motorcycle tires as well; any client will discover the perfect set that accommodates their intentions and wants, just like reduced noise production and luxury are two common traits found in their designs. Others allow rigid or large tread for better handling and temperament for long distance driving, a valuable trait to the world of commerce. Dry or wet traction, superior maneuverability and handling, better gas mileage, all-season capabilities and more are frequent attributes found in tires. Many times a combination of several traits are seen in one of these excellent Pirelli tires.

For some of the best performing tires in the bazaar today, purchase a set of Pirelli tires. Consumers can find guidelines and advice for the best care upon purchase, to keep inside the boundary lines of all warranties. A broad amount of consumers have already experienced the first-rate difference Pirelli makes- become one of them now.

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