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18 September, 2016

Profitclicking.com Updates

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It’s been 3 days now since just been paid migrate its site to profitclicking.com and like what I said on my last blog post we should expect some system glitches ( a lot of it! lol ) and expect that the new site will not going to work as a fully functioning site “right away”. The reason why is because it’s very obvious that jbp members have grown the numbers exponentially for over 2 years when they suddenly shift to the new site. So technically speaking, by just simply transferring BIG files from the old site to the new one things are going to consume a lot of time.

Profitclicking looks and interface

Honestly the old jbp site was NOT designed that looks professional that’s why there are lots of people commenting about it. Now with the new profitclicking site, it looks professional and it’s a simplified version of the jbp site.

The Log In Panel

The Account Dashboard Page

You will see how many people are currently Logged in to their Profitclicking account. (Awesome! )

If you visit the old JBP site, it will automatically prompt you to go to the new site to migrate your account and you will see this terms.

This is the verification page that you need to fill out.

So for the present time that is the current status of the new jbp site.  I will keep on updating this post once there is new updates on the site. For now if you check on the links on the new site it is not yet working. So stay tuned and I will see you on my next posts.

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