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23 November, 2011

Have you ever wondered how projector lamps actually work? It’s really quite interesting.

What is a projector lamp?

A projector lamp is used to transfer an image from a multimedia projector onto a great big screen for an audience to view. But I guess you knew that already.

Projector lamps have been used in businesses and educational organizations for many years in order to help convey information to an audience.

The projector lamp is also used for movie or home theaters, where it sends DVD or film images to a large screen for all to see.

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For all you techies out there, the technical description of a projector lamp is that it is an ultra-high pressure mercury vapor ARC lamp. Projector lamps are scientifically categorized as metal halide lamps and Philips has trademarked the name “UHP lamp” for their projector lamps.

What are projector lamps made of?

There are several components including the ARC tube, ultra-high pressurized mercury vapor, electrical wiring, a quartz globe or reflector, a fastener, a spoke, a bolt, a screw and finally the black plastic housing itself.

How does a projector lamp work?

A projector lamp operates by sending an electrical current across an ARC gap that is full of ultra-high pressurized mercury vapor. The electricity lights the mercury vapor which then causes the lamp to emit a light with an extreme intensity or brightness. The bright light created by this process shines onto an LCD Liquid Crystal Display or DLP panel which then in turn produces the fantastic images projectors are known for. Interesting technology, eh?

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May 27 2010

Selecting a way of treatment for a youngster who may have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd can sometimes be a challenging job. It is becoming more well-known that the often approved medicinal drugs for ADHD can involve hazards and uncomfortable side effects. Lots of parents with ADHD kids, and grown-ups with the ailment are looking for natural alternatives to these medicines.

According to certain statistics the manufacturing of ADHD stimulant drugs has drastically increased in the last several decades. Also, approximately 50% of these drugs are being used by kids.

Herbal remedies for ADHD and ADD used together with eating plan and possibly life-style modifications are several techniques for treating ADHD naturally that many natural health care providers are using to successfully help their patients.

Homeopathic medicine has numerous advantages; for example, it is inexpensive and there is no need for a prescription. Uncomfortable side effects and prescription and over-the-counter medication interactions are almost nonexistent, and the safety of homeopathic treatment is unquestioned.

With any new holistic treatment strategy, it’s crucial to seek advice from your heath care provider and allow sufficient time for the treatments to take effect.

May 25 2010

Everyone knows that tea is a very healthy beverage. What most people aren’t aware of is that tea is the second most consumed liquid on the face of the earth after water. While Europe drinks higher amounts of tea than the United States does, we’re quickly catching up. Ditch the coffee guys and grab a nice hot mug full of tea! I love a great mug of tea. Usually in the am, sometimes in the evening, and sometimes during the day. There is a simplistic pleasure to brewing a tea. Don’t like it hot?, cool it and have a refreshing iced tea. Since teas have different levels of caffeine, and some have none, you can get a little boost or just enjoy the flavor. Tea companies have all kinds of funky flavors.

May 22 2010

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