Rare Rock Bottom Chevy Volt Lease Not Returning Probably

11 July, 2015

Some reports are emerging that a few fortunate individuals got an incredibly affordable Chevy Volt lease, due to a dealer incentive. The incentive led to about $60 per month getting knocked off the lease cost, but it isn’t likely to come around again. Only a few car dealerships might have participated and it was all down to some unique circumstances.

Not making up cost in savings

The hitch in purchasing vehicles where fuel efficiency a selling point, is that the efficiency premium, or the amount one pays above what they could get a less expensive model for, is so high that it doesn’t justify the costs.

Getting the regular Highlander is much better than the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The magic Toyota reliability means you will have a vehicle you can always drive, but the hybrid version is $10,000 more expensive. That is a cost that will never be made up in gasoline savings.

Another such car is the Chevy Volt, the plug-in hybrid. Granted, the buyer instantly gets $7,500 back from Uncle Sam after purchasing one, but that leaves the MSRP at a healthy $33,500, which is BMW money and one big auto finance loan for a lot of people. A cheap Chevy Volt, even a Chevy Volt lease, could justify it.

Getting dealer incentives

However, according to Forbes, a scattered lucky few were able to score a cheap Chevy Volt lease thanks to a dealer incentive program. Chevrolet, or rather General Motors, offers a cash incentive to dealerships for certain models if they meet sales goals. Often, dealerships will pass the savings on to customers to sell more of them, getting them other benefits.

With the Volt, people normally get it for $2,419 down when getting the car and $279 a month. Sales goals consist of leases, and dealers were offered $500 bonuses for meeting sales targets for the Volt. If they t rippled them, they were given $2,500. Only 2.5 percent tripled the goal, but 15 percent, or 400 dealerships, met the goal.

A few fortunate people, and it isn’t known how many, got a cheap Chevy Volt lease, as a number of fortunate folks put one in their driveway for $159 per month, with $0 down. A Chevy Cruze costs $149 per month to lease, and costs more than $10,000 less, after the tax incentive.

Not that likely to repeat

General Motors is waiting until more automobiles sell on the lots before they start producing a bunch more of them. Production has also been idled due to the brand new Impala production. Individuals are beginning to like the Chevy Volt more considering sales doubled since last year, but the incentive has lapsed on the car. That means there will not be any really affordable Chevy Volt leases given out anymore.

For two, the next generation can be a bit more appealing. The 2014 model is getting a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, though possibly as an option which will cost more than the base 1.6-liter naturally-aspirated plant, according to AutoGuide. According to Businessweek, a brand new battery pack is also in the works for the car that could triple the range, if not more, within the next few years. A Volt with a 100-mile-plus electric range is really practical for most people, which could justify the green premium.

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