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1 August, 2011

I really feel that the largest part of the heartache of drawing a face that looks genuine and make it look as true to life is just the absence of adequate observation that some of us are afflicted with. We normally tend to look at things holistically and formulate a cursory view that fits into our own mind map of previously adopted insights. We very often tend to observe things holistically and get a surface view that fits in with our internal thought diagram of already installed learned awareness.

Our grey matter starts off life created with certain pre-installed understandings that are fairly generalized in nature. The brain is also filled with not-yet-finished patterns that are crying out to be completed in its endeavours to become aware of our world. For proof of the point I’m trying to make, a good example would be if someone stared for long enough at a splash or splatter mark on the table as an example or some random cloud pattern, your mind will finish the pattern and it will appear as something you know.

When drawing, what is it about the eyes for a lot of people the deepest problem?. The rationale behind it is, as with a living person, the eyes are what make people appear and feel alive and are supremely expressive of the mind behind them. Inspecting another person’s eyes, even if they are daydreaming can reveal so much. So just portraying an oval with a circle and a black dot will end up looking just simply what they are, i.e. shapes with little realism. Overall, for the artist learning his craft, this is primarily the reason for the difficulties.

Together with the eyes most problematic area to draw is the mouth and for the same valid reasons as the eyes, in that the human mouth can also be so very poignant and bring our face to life in a amazing manner. Even a cursory appraisal of body language can reveal so much detailed information even from a unmoving face. So just as before just drawing a variety of geometric shapes and sizes can look pretty unreal.

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