Reasons to Own Less Things

28 May, 2015

As humans, we are going to want to buy things that makes us happier. Some may want to buy something in order to make life easier. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t take much technology and luxury to type an article like this out. Instead of having a fancy office with projectors that displays deadlines on what to finish, articles like these on the internet can simply be done on any computer with internet access. Sure stuff cost money, and sometimes it cost money to buy, money to main, and money to store. However, there are just some things that not everyone needs. Here are ways you can start saving money by doing the following.

Quality Of Items

It is in our intuitive to buy things that are cheaper than a similar item of a higher price. The only trade off is that the cheaper item is lower in quality. What does this mean?

Many cheaper things break more often than the more expensive—perhaps authentic—item that you buy. In many cases, we end up expending more money to replace those cheaper things than spending a pricier amount that will last us longer and in the end cheaper.


While it’s a good idea to know the people who live around your neighborhood, often times we spend money for something that will only be used once or twice.

You may not like the idea of borrowing something from someone, but by establishing a connection where you lend them something when they are in need of it and they lend you something when you are in need of it, you will be saving a lot of money. This works with the concept of having one person pay for one side of something they need and use often, and you pay for the other half of the things you need and use often.

However, don’t think of it as where you are dependable on them for many things, but rather see how beneficial it can be to ask anyone if they have what you are looking for.

Family Plan

Consider any kind of family plan if you are living in a household of two or more people. Whether it is cellphone bills, dental health care, or any other bills that you can opt in for a family plan, it is wise to do so. Utilizing family plan can be very beneficial because not only does it cost less for each person, usually plans can be shared within each other if one family member decide to not use that service for the time being.

Desire And Wants

Before buying something, you need to ask yourself if this is something you need or something you want.

The difference between the two is huge. Do you see yourself using it for something that will help you later on, or will it be something that is eye-candy for the time being? Many people often think they need something, and they end up putting it off a few weeks later. If you see yourself having many items or games or clothes that you don’t use, play, or wear anymore, those were your desire  at one point but is no longer a want now.

Cable And Satellite

TV’s are nice to watch when you are bored or have nothing to do. But how many of you actually watch every single channel?

Don’t buy a premium package for only a channel or two that you only want. There are many other channels that will likely play the same show as the channel you want. The only reason it may be on premium is because of less commercial.

If anything, ask your TV provider if you can just order the channel(s) separately instead of paying for the whole price.

Minimizing Space

Whether it is your own car or home, see how much space room you actually use up. If you are driving an SUV and you don’t need all of those backseats, it’s time to opt for something smaller. Bigger cars use up more gas so you end up spending more gas money as well.

The same goes to your house. If there is extra room or an area that you find yourself not using at all, look for a home that gives you enough room that you need on a regular basis.

By being a minimalist, you can live a stress free life without worrying much bills. You also don’t need to worry about maintenance either if there isn’t much items to look after. While there are things that you will need, there are other things where you will simply just want. Next time when you go buy or order something, ask yourself how long you can see yourself being with it for, because every saving counts.

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