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12 October, 2013

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November 11, 2011 by ifresh  
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The Blog Traffic Exchange’s version of the Related Posts plugin utilizes the same cloud based, Relevant Chaos technology that is behind the Blog Traffic Exchange in order to maximize the internal linking within your blog.

In order to view related posts you must have first installed the Related Sites plugin and then obtained a valid membership key from the Blog Traffic Exchange.

BTE’s Related Posts plugin eclipses all other related post plugins currently available for WordPress because it is able to randomize all the relevant posts within your site, so long as they are above the relevancy threshold.

This in effect, maximizes the internal linking power of your website.

This Wordpess plugin relies on Blog Traffic Exchange cutting edge technology and is strongly related to Related Websites plugin for WordPress, also currently available.

Upon installation of the Related Websites plugin and receipt of the API key, you will start to immediately witness the plugin’s massive value — and that is before you have been able to experience the extraordinary benefit of the Pro account.

All Pro accounts receive access to all traffic data, allowing members to see view the flow of incoming and outgoing links.

The plugin automates a steady balance of incoming and outgoing links, but Pro accounts are permitted to run at a traffic deficit in addition to regularly receiving extra opportunities for additional traffic without reader relevancy ever being compromised.

The technology behind the Blog Traffic Exchange is impressive for sure, but so is the price of a pro member account. Pro members need only pay twenty dollars per month — the best value for organic traffic available anywhere.

In addition, Pro members are able to black list sites. You will never have to send traffic to a competitor.
Pro members are paying for an enhanced user experience with appropriate author attribution, never for links.

Click on the link to sign-up for the Pro member account right now, and trade soaring success for the price of 4 soy lattes. Do it today, be happy tomorrow!

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