Renter Insurance

10 February, 2017

Renter’s insurance isn’t always something you think about when you rent an apartment or house, however, it should be.  First, renter’s insurance is very affordable, sometimes as low as $10 to $15 a month.  Usually people should be able to fit this in their budget.  The cost of replacing your merchandise and clothes will certainly be a lot more than that.

The vast majority of renter’s are actually renting apartments rather than houses.  Crime in apartments can be problematic because so many people come and go out of an apartment complex, so a strange person often can go unnoticed.  Plus, in many cases apartments do not have any type of security systems.

There are many options for renter’s insurance if you search for policies on the web.  Because it is relatively cheap, you should probably choose a reputable company rather than someone you have never heard of that may be a few dollars cheaper.  A renter’s policy is important because many times someone renting may not have a lot of money saved to replace his or her valuables that may be stolen or lost if the apartment was damaged in some fashion.

The important thing to remember once you get a renter’s policy is to itemize your belongings.  Take pictures and write down the makes or models of your more valuable possessions.  Keep this information in a safe place.  For example your parent’s house may be a better place than on your computer, which could be stolen if your dwelling is broken into.

Always be smart when renting.  Remember to keep your doors and windows locked and your blinds closed when you are not home.  Do not give would be perpetrators any more reason to target you.  Finally, remember to get that renter’s insurance policy in case something does happen so you will be protected!

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