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25 October, 2013

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One of the most important thing to succeed in any money making program that requires money to start is to “Make a Decision”… The problem with a lot of newbies ( who’s mostly just tire kickers ) is to do the first step. Decide!…

I also suffer from this type of sickness and its very painful! ( Emotionally )

Because I see people who are now very successful online today but before they are just my “referrals” from ptc sites that I am promoting and I am their guru when they started. But now, they are making ten times more money than I do make online…


Well, they didn’t blink to think twice and risk a “little” invest to new online programs like HYIP sites and re-invest their profits until their money grow like crazy…

And I didn’t do it like they do…

Recently I start to overcome my weakness as a “wuzzy” ( people who is so genius to find an excuse ) and invested 3 positions to ricanadfunds back in December and now I got “19 positions” and still compounding my profits to buy more positions up until April before I harvest my profits. ( Well, that’s my plan )

So from 3 positions bought for $15 each that earns $0.90 daily, I re-invest my profits to buy new positions until it become 19 that earns $5.70 daily… = )

My short term goal is to aim for at least $20 daily profit so that’s like 66 positions and make my first “pure profit cash out” for $500.00 so that I can buy this awesome acoustic yamaha guitar below.

My long term goal is to use my pure profit from ricanadfunds and diversify it to other new online programs to be on the “safe zone”. Its less risk to lose all your money if it is diversified to 10 or 20 online programs.

At this stage I will become unstoppable and gain lots of momentum to earn money online. = ) So don’t forget to subscribe to see my latest improvements.

So to all newbies out there who are interested to make their money “work for them”. Go ahead and register toricanadfunds and start small and re-invest your profits to make your money grow.

Remember A Tree won’t grow as a Tree Without a Seed being planted before hand.


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