Rough Prices for Vehicle Security

27 December, 2016

Vehicle security can be upgraded fairly cheaply and easily. There are lots of people out there still that won’t miss a chance to have a go at your motor, so anything you can do to prevent that is a good investment. Here are some of the ways that you can make things that little bit more secure for yourself.

Something that’s come to light recently is that thieves can counter alarms in seconds. This is made much easier for them if they know what alarm they’re tackling before they go to work, so don’t have stickers on your window showing them: everyone knows that cars have alarms these days and a sticker isn’t a deterrent. For an extra line of defence, get an immobiliser if your car doesn’t already have one. These can cost as little as 80, and they’re much better than just a loud noise for making sure thieves don’t make off with your car. Wheel locks can cost just 30, and they’re a great cause of difficulty for a would-be car criminal too.

Minor crime can be a real nuisance, especially if it bumps up your insurance bills. The best way to keep things safe inside a vehicle is to keep it hidden, or if you have a goods vehicle invest in good locks (cheapest around ten pounds) and park with the loading door against a wall overnight. You can also get a safe fitted inside the car if you think valuables are especially at risk for as little as thirty pounds. Even the outside of vehicles can be protected cheaply, such as the five pound number plate reinforcement kit that most hardware suppliers have on offer.

If you’ve got the cash, and you really don’t want anyone taking your personal means of conveyance away from you, invest 600 in a tracker. The advanced GPS systems these days are small and hard to counter and they will lead police right to your vehicle, however far it’s been taken.

There are numerous ways of protecting a car with investments, but the best advice is always to be vigilant and expect the worst. This might sound bleak, but it means you won’t be taken for a ride by opportunist car thieves.

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