Rubber Stair Treads Facts About Decorative Outdoor Stair Treads

7 June, 2016

For those who have babies at your place and you got those elevated stairways, then you definitely need to purchase an anti-skid adhesive stair tread. We all know that toddlers are clumsy and very lively, they always run and move around and doesn’t really think about basic safety. As parents you have to initiate the required action to prevent accidents from happening. You can begin by fitting non-slip treads to places where you consider areas that are susceptible to slippage, like wet bathroom floors, polished floor near the stair and to the stair itself.

The good thing about self adhesive treads is that they are really cheap, cost only around $4.00 per unit and you do not need to have a separate tread adhesive tape to deploy them. Simply clear the spot, peel, place and step. This type of tread is created both for outdoor and indoor installation. It is actually designed for all weather conditions and is best for step, work areas, patio, ramp, pathway and all variety of stairs. It’s easy to set up and no need for supplementary dual sided tape or fasteners to install them. Just clear the surface, peel the back paper and stick it where you want it to put in.

It is possible to select from 2 sizes (standard and large) and with different type of high traction surface. If you need a carpet like pattern you can have the meshed tread that performs exactly like a cushion and gathers dirt and tiny particles from shoe and keeps it from getting into your house. For outdoor application you can actually clean it by simply applying pressurized water or for indoor application you can use a vacuum cleaner to collect the accumulated dust particles and soil at the bottom of the carpet like tread.

For heavy traffic stair including common areas and business facilities you can have the self adhesive rubber stair tread. Constructed of high quality and hard rubber material with textured top it can withstand heavy use. Unlike carpet type tread it does not accumulate dust and meant only to reduce slippage. This form of stair tread is very tough and can go on for prolonged time of use.

Common issue with other type of treads is curling. In order to resolve this, an adhesive tape or stair tread adhesive which can be bought separately can be applied to always keep it level to the floor. This practice is not only time intensive but costlier as well. Self adhesive treads on the other hand get rid of this problem simply by adding its own back adhesive.

You can easily acquire them in many hardware department of most shopping district and grocery store, but if you are too busy you can also obtain them from internet retailers and have them sent in your home. Lots of merchant and internet shops offer them. Just take into account the shipping cost when comparing costs. Most of the time, the perfect offer you find is not the best once the shipping and delivery charge is added to the last amount. If you want to get a free shipping cost, buy them together with other stuff, some online shops like Amazon offers free shipping on some products especially if you buy over the promotional value.

For additional info about the various types of outdoor stair treads such as stair tread rug and outdoor step treads just visit www.outdoorstairtreads.net and get the greatest deals.

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