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18 March, 2013

One of the best ways in which to cut down on utility bills is by having residential solar panels. If you have sensible sunshine on your rooftop all round the year then having solar energy system is a feasible option. Earlier this technology was expensive and only individuals with deep pockets might assume. but in the recent past prices of semiconductors has dropped substantially.

There are number of ways that to have residential solar panels put in. Some of the options could be expensive and it could take a whereas to see positive come on investment. however there are cheap ways in which that can yield a positive return on investment terribly quickly.

1    commercial engineered units – You will get residential solar panels engineered by professionals from a company that specializes in building solar power systems. You will have a system that is designed and installed by a company. however these systems are quite expensive costing thousands of greenbacks. The major profit is that you get a system that meets your actual requirement with a warranty. With these systems it can take some time to recover the initial investment.

2    Build it yourself – The second possibility is to obtain the elements needed to build residential solar panels and assemble a unit using step by step instruction guides. These guides are inexpensive and will be accessed immediately from the internet. By following the guide you will be ready to install a solar energy system for few hundred greenbacks. If you extremely want to save money on electricity bills quick and quick this is the possibility you ought to go for. If you do a project on your own you can be in a position to recover the initial investment quite quick and begin saving cash.

3    Second hand systems – It is conjointly possible to get second hand residential solar panels from somebody who is relocating to a different place or is upgrading to a a lot of larger system. Details of these second hand units are normally out there with companies that deal in assembling and installation of solar power systems. Solar panels normally last for 30 to 35 years and hence it should be ok to buy a system that has been used for a few years. You would be in a position to save 30 – 40% on price when compared to a similar new system.
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