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16 March, 2014

Making dinner every night can be difficult, especially if both you and your partner work.  But there is a way you can save both time and money, and prepare delicious and healthy meals in the bargain.

Here is an example of how you can prepare a simple meal at home and save a fortune in the process.

First, check the Sunday papers to find out what’s on sale at the supermarket.  Clip coupons then go online and print out more coupons.

The following Friday, after work, take a trip to the supermarket and buy only those items you need for the meals you are going to prepare for the following week.

The next morning, Saturday, spend the entire day cooking.  Place the meals into containers, label them, and put into the freezer – ready for the upcoming week or, in some cases, the next two weeks.

Regardless of whether you work at home or outside the home, the meals are prepared and there is much less stress placed upon you.

The beauty of cooking meals at home is that not only can you save quite a bit of money, but you are also creating healthy and nutritious meals for the family.

No matter whether you prepare soups, stews, poultry, meat, or vegetable dishes, you would be surprised at how little effort it takes to prepare simple meals and save money by not eating out.  Think about how much you spend on parking, tips, and taxes plus the cost of the meal at the restaurant.  Compare it to how much it costs to cook comparable meals at home.  It’s a substantial difference.

Moreover, there are wonderful and easy recipes you can print out from FoodTV.com, as well as tuning into the food channel and watching as a favorite personality prepares simple meals in 30 minutes.

Here’s another example:  Instead of ordering a pizza pie that may cost around $15.00, you can make little English muffin pizzas for a third of the cost.  Besides, they taste great and the kids will love them.

As each of us prepares to make sacrifices during this recession, what better way can you think of to save money than to prepare meals at home?

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