Save On Christmas Gifts My Smart Money Tips

13 June, 2016


The year has really flown by in a hurry and we are already just 4 months away from the holiday season! Before long, it will be time to trot out the Christmas tree from the attic, dress it up and fill up the bottom of the tree with gifts for everyone!

Christmas shopping can be a highly stressful, impulsive and expensive process! Buying the right gift for your loved one can be harder than you thinkand often, people spend lots of money on a gift that their loved one might be queuing up to return to the stores on Boxing Day itself! So, how do you have a frugal Christmas, save on gift shopping yet give a gift that someone will appreciate and use?

See how below!

Shop Early

  • I recall reading how the late Princess Diana was an excellent gift giver. All her gifts were nicely thought of and never once did she give something useless which the receiver did not love. What was her secret? Shopping early! She revealed that she used to shop right after Christmas ended which is the best time to as stores will be having lots of Christmas goodies heavily marked down!

Look out for Sales

  • Do take advantage of the mid-year sales happening to look for the right gift for your loved one. Stores rarely go on sale just before Christmas as they know desperate shoppers will be willing to pay top dollar for the perfect gift. Don’t fall into that trap and buy now when it costs less!

Buy evergreen gifts

  • I personally like buying children books instead of toys as Christmas presents. Children have a really short attention span when it comes to toys and when overwhelmed by the number of toys they receive during Christmas, the beautiful doll you thought they might love would simply be overshadowed by the funkier toys they receive! So give the gift of reading and they can continue to enjoy it in years to come.

It’s still not too late to go early Christmas shopping as the sales are all on till late September! Good luck in hunting for your perfect gift! It isn’t hard to save if you know how!


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