Save On Petrol with Citibank Shell Credit Card

19 June, 2017

Are you cursing at the petrol pump and feeling the pinch everytime you pump petrol? Well, start pumping the smart way by getting rebates each time you do!

Citibank and Shell recently embarked on a partnership programme to help consumers cope with the rising fuel prices. They have launched a Shell Citibank Credit Card aimed at helping consumers save money!

The Shell Citibank Credit Card is available in Classic and Gold cards, depending on your income levels. It works like a normal credit card but this is even better as it comes jam-packed with goodies to help you cut your expensive petrol bills!

There are lots of additional benefits offered during their campaign period which runs from 31 May to 31 December 2008 which are listed after the jump:

  • Free RM50 rebate on your Shell fuel purchases
  • Up to 5% rebate on all Shell fuel purchases
  • First year free waiver
  • Up to 1.5% rebates on all other purchases

And if you are eligible for a Gold card, you will be entitled to free travel insurance of up to RM50,000 everytime you charge your ticket to your card and Gold On-Call Assistance which provides up to 50% discounts on worldwide shopping privileges.

This promotional period also entitles you to purchase a HP Compaq PC700 Notebook for only RM799 from its usual price of RM1,999 which equals to more great savings! Remember that your notebook purchase is also tax deductible every 3 years so you get double savings

Citibank also provided a nifty little calculator on their site which helps you calculate how much savings you can get in a year with this card. At an average of RM200 monthly spending on petrol, you stand to save RM60 a year with the Gold and RM36 a year with the Classic which works out to an average savings of RM3 to RM5 a month.

Enough for a snack or a meal :p

Some hidden fees are:

  • Renewal fees for the cards are RM90 per annum for the Classic and RM195 for the Gold
  • You have to pump a minimum of RM20 to be eligible for the promotion

Interested parties can check out their promotional details on the Citibank site.

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