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3 August, 2013

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While the world seems to be gripped in the midst of one of the worst Financial Crisis since The Great Depression, Malaysians seem to benefitting with a record 23 warehouse sales happening this weekend!

Christmas shopping has never been this good or cheap!

There are warehouse sales happening in KL for a huge range of products for everyone ranging from ProSun swimwear; Guardian cosmetics; Fitness Concept exercise equipment; Pureen baby products; Cosmetic clearances from Kanebo, Revlon, Silky Girl and even luxury product warehouse sales from FJ Benjamin, Christian Dior and Club Monaco! Full listing of all the warehouse sales happening this weekend onwards can be found here.

Isn’t it great news? However, before you rush out to shop to your heart’s content, do read these tips below on how to shop smart at warehouse sales!

If those 23 warehouse sales this weekend sends you into an excited frenzy, stop for a while and read Part 1 of warehouse shopping sales tips. Learn how you can prepare yourself before you rush off to spend, spend, spend!

Have A Rough Shopping List

  • It helps to do some research before you head off to the warehouse sales. That way, you have a rough idea of what you are likely to find there and hopefully be less inclined to hoover up the first things you see!
  • Having a rough list of what you are looking for gives you some focus and direction in your shopping and helps you avoid impulse buying.

Eat Before You Shop

  • Warehouse sales often start at 9am but for popular sales, some shoppers would have started queuing outside from 6am or even earlier! So, do have a bit while waiting as research has proven that shoppers with empty stomachs often succumb to impulse buys!
  • Eating before you shop will also help you survive the mad crowd inside and provide you lots of energy to fight your way through the bargains and the long long cashier queues!

Dress Appropriately

  • Tips on dressing for warehouse sales, especially clothes sales, are often overlooked but is oh so important as it will help you avoid buying clothes that do not fit well. 
  • Wear a skirt as it will aid your trying on of pants and skirts without having to look for a fitting room!
  • Wear a spaghetti strap singlet or thin T-shirt so you can easily slip things over your head to try.
  • Wear flats. Warehouse sales aren’t exactly the best place to show off your pretty heels
  • Go without make up as you will be getting terribly sweaty after all that bargain hunting and your makeup might dirty that white top you are trying on.
  • Don’t carry expensive glasses or sunglasses. It will be an expensive trip if you lose them or if they are stepped on.

Don’t Carry A Bag

  • Often, warehouse sales do not allow any bags to be carried into the shopping area. So just carry a small wallet or the change you might need in your pockets. This helps avoid any bag theft that might happen especially in crowded places.

With these preparation tips in mind, how can you now shop smart during the warehouse sale? Find out in Part 2 tomorrow!

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