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9 May, 2013

When was the last time you paid for something that was almost 100% off? Let’s all be honest, sales like those doesn’t come very often. With the usage of coupons lately, people are starting to catch on that we don’t need to wait for a sale. Especially when you spend money on essential items such as food, shampoo, and health products, it’s easy to go over $20,000 in a year. But what if you only had to spend say, $750 a year for the things that you need everyday?

That’s right, just $750 for milk, meats, fruits, shampoo, soap, towels, anything that is household related. It may sound too good to be true and I don’t blame you, that is way too much money saved and I was skeptical at first as well. However, the quicker you believe me, the sooner you can be on your way to saving that much cost on essential needs.

This is all possible thanks to coupons. As we know, one coupon isn’t very effective. You will still save money, but to buy an item where it is free or almost free will require 2 or more coupons. Usually well known grocery and convenient stores will allow this. To get started, you would want to start searching for:

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1. The current store’s available coupon.This may be available through their fliers, the coupon machine, or even on their website.

2. The manufacturer’s coupon. These coupons should be accepted everywhere because there is usually no exclusion (besides the expired date) and the manufacturers takes on the responsibility of paying back the store that you use the coupon at. You can find these in newspapers, magazines, fliers, internet, or even request one directly from the manufacture.

3. Double use of the store and/or manufacturer’s coupon. This is where the magic starts to happen. Imagine that a store’s coupon states: “Buy One, Get One Free” and then another that says “20% Off Any Item”.  But we’re not done yet, this is just from the store itself, you also have the manufacturer’s coupon that may say something along the line of “Take $2 dollars Off”. Remember, most of household essential  item and/or food cost around $5 at most; if you’re able to use three coupons, you are highly likely to buy (is it even appropriate to say ‘buy’ at this point?) the item for free or get it close to free.

So with this information planted in your mind, why don’t people take advantage of this? Truth is, nothing good in life comes free. The same analogy applies here as well, and acquiring coupons may be a tedious process. One common situation why people lose interest is because there isn’t a coupon that is readily-available at the time when they need it. What you can do to avoid being in this situation is to tear out any coupons that pertains to what you could use in the future. Once that time comes, you’ll have what you need and you won’t have to frantically search around for those coupon.

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