Saving Money

9 December, 2016

Saving with Giftcards – Many of us give gift cards as a gift but it is also possible to actually save money with giftcards.  Read this article to find out how.

Saving for 6 Months of Living Expenses – You have probably heard how you should keep 6 months of living expenses in an emergency fund.  This article can help you get there.

Saving on Home Improvement – Thinking of having some work done on your home?  You might just be able to save some money if you want.

Saving at the Pharmacy – Health care costs are rising and that includes prescription drugs.  Explore ways to save when you go to the pharmacy to get your next prescription.

Saving at the Grocery Store – Think clipping coupons is the only way to save money at the grocery store?  You might want to read this article.

Cleaning the Closet – Have you seen whats in the back of your closet lately?  Perhaps there is some money that you did not know about.  Interesting article about clutter and its value.

Coupons verses Generic Brands – Clipping coupons is always a good way to save money, but is it the best way?

Avoiding Bank Fees – Banks make a lot of money charging customers various fees.  Find out how to avoid those fees.

Getting Help from Friends – Sometimes you have resources you can use in the form of friends or co-workers.  Learn how to ask for their help.

How Much Should I be Saving? – We know we all need an emergency fund, and this article discusses how to much that should be.

Coffee for Less– Spending money at a coffee shop is not a good way to save, but sometimes you do not have to pay premium price for premium coffee.

Saving Money at the Airport – Eating at the airport can be expensive, but here are some tips to help out.

Saving Money on Vet Care – Pets can be expensive but there are ways to reduce your cost

Pinching Pennies and Saving Dollars – You might be pinching pennies, but do not miss opportunities to save dollars

Savings in the Summer –  The summer can get hot and expensive, but here are tips to help with both

In Your 40s and Looking Towards Retirement – If you are in your forties you may need to consider some alternative strategies as you plan for retirement

Extreme Saving – Making Your Own Laundry Detergent – Making your own laundry detergent can be easy, fun, and cheap.

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