Saving Tips for Christmas Dinner

31 December, 2017

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Christmas is just two more days away! Your Christmas shopping should be all done and the presents all wrapped ready under the Christmas tree for Santa’s arrival!

This Christmas has been slightly different with the economic gloom and uncertainty enveloping the world. Retailers all over have reported drops in their sales as consumers try to cut back spending in anticipation of an uncertain year ahead. However, cutting back on expenses does not necessarily mean a Scrooge Christmas as you can still have a wonderful budget Christmas this year. Just read below for some great money tips for an inexpensive Christmas without scrimping on the fun!

Have A Potluck Party

Instead of eating out this Christmas in an overpriced restaurant that features pre-cooked set meals, why not organise a pot luck Christmas party with your friends and family? It will help reduce food costs for one family and cleaning up will be easier with many hands to help.

Roast Chicken Not Turkey

Turkey is usually expensive and can come up to over RM100 for a frozen bird. Turkey meat also tends to be rougher due to its size and frozen turkey tends to be lacking in taste even after roasting. In addition,  roast turkey often means lots of leftovers! So, avoid all these turkey headache this Christmas and roast chicken instead for a cheaper and more delicious Christmas dinner.

Read on for more tips below.

Do Not Indulge In Excesses

Festivals are often a time of excesses and it is only too easy to fall into the trap of buying more presents and more food for Christmas dinner. However, when shopping, take a while to stop and think if that additional gift, log cake or cookies are absolutely necessary. Chances are, it wouldn’t be missed amidst all the Christmas festivities!

Bake Your Own

Instead of buying commercially baked Christmas cookies, take some time off to bake your own cookies for a healthier, cheaper and more delicious alternative! You can get your children involved in frosting the cookies too. Plus, they make wonderful and delicious Christmas presents!

Do not let the economic downturn or recession spoil your Christmas fun but learn to work around it. With some planning and creativity, you can look forward to an inexpensive but enjoyable Christmas this year with your loved ones which is ultimately what Christmas is all about!

Have a wonderful Christmas and remember it isn’t about how much you earn but how much you can save!

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