Savings in Summer

30 September, 2017

Savings in the SummerYou have probably read countless articles on how you can save money on heating and cooling costs for your house.  Energy efficient windows, more insulation, and a programmable thermostat are all very valid ways to save around the house.  However, there are other things you can do that with minimum costs that will also help out during those hot summer months.

First, the most obvious thing you can do is simply turn off the lights.  If you have ever changed a standard light bulb after the light has been on for a short period of time you will see that it is very hot.  Those lights are generating heat in the house compete against your air conditioner which is trying to keep your house cool and comfortable.  So if you are leaving a room or leaving your house, you can do yourself a favor by turning off the lights.

Almost anything running in your house is going to generate some degree of heat.  One of the biggest generators of heat is your clothes dryer.  During the warmest months of the year you can save money by putting a clothes line in your back yard.  It costs less than $10 and it has many benefits.  First, it saves wear and tear on your clothes.  If clothes are not dried in a dryer they tend to last a lot longer.  Also, it saves on electricity because you are not running a dryer.  Finally, it is saving on cooling costs because your dryer is not being used and competing against your air conditioner.  When it is warm outside and the sun is shining, clothes will almost dry as fast as they would in the dryer. 

Last of all, reevaluate your cooking habits in the summer months.  Appliances such as stoves and ovens generated a lot of heat in your house.  During summer months restricting the use of such appliances can help your house stay cool.  Consider cold sandwiches and microwaveable items in summer months.  If you have to cook, try and use your grill outside.  It’s probably more fun to cook that way and it will not be generating the extra heat inside of the house.

These are three easy tips to try during the summer months to tame high cooling costs.  They are quick, easy, and cost virtually nothing to you.  Hopefully if you give them a shot, you will save a little money and lend a helping hand to your overworked air conditioner during the dog days of summer.. 

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