1 April, 2017

In today banking world you will find so many different savings accounts but finding the one you can earn more money on it is not always easy.  The best way is to, establish your saving goalsandthink about how long you plan to investand thelevel of risk you are prepared to accept. This will help you find the right product to meet your needs.

How to Save and Earn with a Savings Accounts

Individual Savings Accounts

ISAs pay some of the highest returns on the market currently. The interest you earn on your savings is tax-free so no tax on the interest your savings and investments make. You keep your money from the taxman and earn interest your money makes.

Online Savings Accounts

Most of the highest-paying savings accounts are available over the Internet. Banks offer high interest rates on opening account. However, with some banks they will lower their introductory high interest rate after you have opened account and say that it was an offer. Therefore it is always worth reading thesmall printon theTerms & Conditions documents so that you will not miss anything.

Individual Shares

Shares are subject to much risk because of the uncertainty.  Individual company shares can be much more risky, for example if the company goes bust you could lose your entire investment or part of it. You need to do your reach and follow expert advice on where to put your hard earned money.

National Savings & Investments

National Savings & Investments  have a range of savings accounts and bonds which are particularly useful if you are a higher rate taxpayers. Most of them they are tax free because they are backed by the Government.  Therefore they offer a greater level of security than banks and investment companies.  They are secure as they are almost risk free.

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