Scholarships and Other Information About Getting Degrees Overseas

19 October, 2015

Getting degrees overseas offers a host of benefits to students. It opens up opportunities for employment. It teaches them a second language. It allows them to build networks outside of their home country. Several schools, particularly those in the U. K., offer lucrative scholarship opportunities.

The Rhodes Scholarship offers students the opportunity to attend the University of Oxford. Awards are given to eighty students from all countries. They cover all costs, including tuition, a maintenance allowance, and travel expenses.

Rhodes scholars are chosen based on certain criteria. The foundation looks at a student’s character. They look for devotion to duty, courage, and truthfulness. They want to see unselfishness, kindness, and protection of the weak. The foundation awards students who are prepared to use their talents to their fullest potential. They also look at scholastic and literary achievements.

The Gates-Cambridge Scholarship is offered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. Full-time graduate students are eligible for the awards. Students must first apply to and be admitted to Cambridge. Then, they are judged on a few different characteristics. Intellectual and leadership capabilities are paramount. Students are also judged on how they plan to contribute to their communities and to society at large.

Many United Kingdom universities accept the Marshall scholarship. Applicants must be U. S. Citizens who have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college. Their GPA must be at least 3.7, earned within the last three years. Forty students each year receive Marshall Scholarships. Each competes against students from his or her region of the U. S. The scholarship pays tuition, living expenses, and textbook fees. It pays for travel and research grants. It pays for travel to and from the U. S. And also for domestic spouse support.

Financial aid is available for some students who are ineligible for scholarships. Students should complete a FAFSA and choose a school that has a FAFSA code. Codes are found on the FAFSA website, listed by country.

Many universities want to attract international students. Post-grad offers were 73.2% international at the University of Cambridge. Many overseas colleges do not require an admissions test. Students should take care to analyze the degree program carefully. They may contact a professional organization, like a medical association, to make sure the degree will be valid at home.

Students selecting an overseas school should consider several criteria. They need to know the cost of living. They need to know if dormitories are available. They should discover how many students at the school are from outside the country. Native English-speakers should consider non-English-speaking countries. Japan, Norway, Germany, and Denmark all offer classes taught in the English language.

Getting degrees overseas opens up an exciting world for many students. It gives an appreciation for different cultures. Such appreciation is crucial in today’s global economy. Students looking at international careers should most certain consider overseas universities. Overseas schools can provide a cost-effective alternative to studying at home.

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