Scientific Forex Review How Does Cristina Ciureas Scientific Forex Work

17 June, 2014

So how does the new Scientific Forex trading method by Cristina Ciurea really work, and can it really make money in the Fx market consistently? Cristina has truly taken a scientific approach to trading, something which I have never believed in my years of trading. Yet from what I have seen so far from my trading results in the demo account using this system, it has certainly shown a lot of potential and been making money each week in the beta test so far.

1. What is the Scientific Forex Trading System All About?

This trading strategy is about following trends and statistics to make decisions. People are all trading for different reasons, and Cristina has found a way to forecast with higher than average probability on what is going to happen in the market based on the data that has been collected. This strategy also takes into the account the fact that all traders are making their trading decisions based on a set of data, thus knowing the reactions that these traders will have on the set of data is crucial to the success of this strategy as well.

2. Principles that the Scientific Forex Trading System Works on

Two main principles govern how this trading system works to find its trades. These 2 principles are called empiricism and induction. Empiricism is the process of using experimentation to gather information while induction is the process of determining the most possible explanation from the information that was gathered through empiricism. By combining these 2 powerful principles, the amount of information that I need to look at to determine which trade to place narrows significantly while boosting my trading success rate at the same time.

3. Why is the Scientific Forex System Been Able to Get Positive and Profitable Trading Results?

Trading the Forex market becomes more complicated as interaction of many factors can affect the way a person reacts to a particular trade at any point in time. The set of data that traders look at to make their decisions also change quickly from time to time, thus the Scientific Forex System takes into account all these factors to generate trading signals.

So far, it has been working very profitably and will need more time to prove that it can truly work in the long term. In Forex trading, there are many movements going on that affect where the market will go that can never be fully understood. Scientific Forex will be available from the 27th of February.

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