Scouting Real Estate Money Tips

14 April, 2015

- “S C O U T I N G” – Properties for further Investigation
and maybe these homes will become your Subjects of Acquistion?

Oh, yea. The best homes are those sold by the owner themselves.
who better than them to tell you of the properties specifics and
history, than the owner of said property. Perfectly logical so far –
I hope. Who better to make the commission on the deal too,,, the
owner him or herself. It’s their equity and therefor, their money
anyway; why on earth – give it away?

Owners of homes to be sold should advertise per the classifieds
of their choice and consider what draws in the prospective buyers
better than chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven when they
arrive to see the interior of a home? It is terms. Terms they can
manage, and terms that do not bar them from entry.

When times are tough, jobs are lean and few, the national economy
and closed down businesses all around you, scream for difference.
The traditions we followed in the recent past have delivered us into
the hands of the lands whereby there’s been something evil in it’s
basis and thus it was doomed to fall and doomed to fail us and it
eventually did do just that. For 5-years now our forclosure rates
have been a sad indicator of our lack of “REALITY CHECK” here in
the good ol’ U.S. of A.

OK what “can” we do now. Learn how to buy leanly. What I mean
here is buy real estate wisely. And, I know, that’s what Americans
thought they ..’were’.. doing! But not so.

Let’s be looking or reflecting back on advertisements “by owner”
that we’ve seen out there, did the (by owner) element catch your
eye? If not, you are too rich to care, and for this person we
understand your complete abandon. For the more average person
looking to buy a home or homes for investment purposes,,,these
words (by owner) and (owner may carry) and even (owner financing)
should alert you to pulling out your highlighter and underlining
some ad content in the real estate section of interest.

My ebook talks about these methods of delivery in the sales of
homes just like yours and your neighbors home alike. It’s pure
unadulterated creative adjustments in the wealth stream. You
do not have to make the others rich at a cost to your own self.
So to your own self be true. Read the ebook it details benefits
upon benefits you really should know before any real estate
exchanges hands in this recessionary economy.

MORE tabs you over and down to the BOOKS link
it’s there that I share more about the ebook
I have written for the masses. I hope
all Americans find peace in these troubled
I hope to offer some solutions for tired minds
that inspire action – in a different light,
and foster goals and attaining
them from a more affordable economy made right.

Happy Negotiating !!

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