Sem Advice How to Slash Your Advertising Cost

20 February, 2016

Samuel Ng asked:

Paid search engine marketing might be the only advertising media that rewards you for being a smart advertiser. When you click through rates are high and your quality score is good, your cost goes down. Here is how you can slash your advertising cost.

Quality Score

Google slap may sound like a scary thing to many advertisers, however it is just a matter of improving your quality score. You just have to add business links such as privacy page and contact page to your landing pages. Also, make sure that your keywords, ads and pages are related and you will do fine.

Click Through Rates

Simply increasing your click through rates will lower your cost per clicks. You do that by writing better ads that get more clicks. First of all, you need to take time to tap into the minds of your audience so that you can write ads that resonate with them.

It is highly recommended that you use your keywords within your ad, especially in your headline because these keywords will be bold and it will draw more attention. Adding a question in your headline also works wonders. On top of that, you can use numbers because it can also boost your response rates.

Use long tail keywords because they cost less and are more targeted compared to general keywords. These keywords cost less and convert better, however, there is not a lot of traffic so you make it up by adding more of such keywords.

Conversion Rates

Now you know how to slash your advertising, next you want to optimize your landing pages for the best possible conversion rates. After all, there is no point in slashing your cost when you are not making money. You must slash your cost and increase your conversions at the same time to maximize your profits.

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