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12 February, 2016

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Another 13 days to go to Christmas! Have you gotten your pretty Christmas dresses yet? Christmas isn’t just a time for children to dress up but its a time for all you pretty girls to shake out your Christmas frocks and get ready for Santa’s arrival!

Shopping, as a woman, is never easy. We don’t want to pay too much for a pretty dress yet we want something which is unique and comfortable. It’s so not chic to bump into someone wearing the exact same thing as you in a Christmas party…especially if they look better than you in it!

So, if you are looking for a pretty Christmas dress that will not break your bank, do read more below!

Paperdoll Online Boutique is just the place you want to go for your pretty Christmas dresses! Owned by a wonderfully bubbly enterpreneur, Jo, Paperdoll promises trendy, floral but so very affordable dresses (most of which are below RM100)!

How about this gorgeous black number this Christmas?

Your wonderful shopping experience with Paperdoll starts when you sign up for their free membership which entitles you to key in your vital statistics so Jo can correctly assess if the particular dress you have chosen fits you. I absolutely love this personalised service she provides as it takes away so much fear I used to have about online shopping. Once you have chosen the dress and paid for it, do look out for a beautifully wrapped package from Jo. Each dress is pressed before they are sent and tenderly wrapped in tissue paper to complete the whole shopping experience.

A gorgeous red velvet number perfect for Christmas and the coming Chinese New Year!

Even if you are plus sized, do not fret as Paperdoll caters for plus sized women who wish to indulge in floral and flirty numbers and feel great about themselves without having to pay too much.

So, for some savings this Christmas, take a peek at Paperdoll. You might just find the perfect outfit for that Christmas party you have!

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