Significant Considerations to Remember When Buying a Paper Shredder

8 February, 2014

Mechanical devices that can be used to reduce paper into tiny pieces are called paper shredders. The need to destroy documents that may include personal, sensitive data has observed an increase with the increasing number of cases of data theft which often leads to crimes like identity theft. As a result, the market for paper shredders has already increasing leading to the increased number of a variety of paper shredders-making the choice for purchasing the best one a difficult task.

As in every purchase decision, there are a number of factors that buyers need to consider in selecting the best product. For paper shredders, the first among these considerations is the amount of paper shredding one does at a given amount of time. Depending on such, buyers may choose among personal, home, business, workgroup, and high security paper shredders. Individuals who shred papers only occasionally, say a few times every month or year, would best have personal paper shredders while those home paper shredders are best used by those who shred papers every week. On the other hand, if huge amounts of paper need to be shredded every day, then business paper shredders are the best option. However, if the types of documents that need to be shredded are extremely sensitive, then high security paper shredders are a great choice as they can reduce paper to dust.

The price of the shredder would also be a consideration in selecting the paper shredder one should purchase. However, one must also remember not to sacrifice quality for price. There are a number of cheap paper shredders available; however, most of these can shred paper 3 sheets at a time. The market also offers a number of expensive shredders that can shred about 30 sheets at a time, yet, if shredding is for personal use, that amount may be too much. Hence, selecting the paper shredder depending on price would also depend on how frequent the shredder would be used and the amount paper that needs to be shredded.

The paper machines’ cut style, paper load, and cutting power should also be considered when finding a paper shredder. Cut styles can either be crisscross, diamond, or regular old lines. Paper load on the other hand, refers to the amount of paper the machine can accommodate at a time while the cutting power refers to the machines’ ability to cut through various forms of paper and non paper materials. Best paper shredders can cut through paper clips, credit cards, staples, and thicker paper.

The rate at which paper is shredded should also be checked when searching for paper shredders. This can be checked on the machine’s label and is referred to as speed of pages per minute (PPM)-the higher the PPM, the faster the machine shreds paper. One must also consider how large the machine is. There are bulkier machines that may require larger floor spaces while there are also smaller ones that can slide under desks. Those shredders that also have a convenient way of removing the bin are a better choice that those that require the machine to be opened every time the bin needs to be emptied. Also, one must always check for the safety features of the machine.

With these listed criteria, buyers may be guided in the selection of the best paper shredder in the market. Nevertheless, one must always keep in mind that these are only guides as the most appropriate paper shredder would still be dictated by the NEED the buyer has for a paper shredder.

Justin Mitchell works for a detective and security agency in Nottingham. To make sure of their client’s safety, after every assignment completed, any sensitive information regarding their clients are being destroyed using paper shredders. Among the paper shredders they use is the Hama Cross Cut Aktenvernichter CC 718L.

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