Simple Methods to Correctly Combat Warts Using Banana Peel

23 December, 2013

Wart has gained the status for being one of the most stubborn skin types problems brought on by virus. It does easily spread through direct contact or from use of common personal items. There are numerous drugs designed for the removal of warts like freezing, salicylic acid, laser, as well as cryotherapy. But, have you ever seen of banana peels curing warts? They do have the abilities of eliminating warts. The following are ways in case you turn to this alternative type of wart medication:

Buy a bunch of fresh new bananas which are about to ripen. Eat the meat but leave the peelings. They’re the major ingredient to this wart therapy process. Cut into small squares approximately an inch. Then, wash the skin that is affected with lukewarm water and soap. It is said that the interior part of the banana peel has lots of enzymes that are capable of eliminating warts.

Soak the area affected of the skin until it softens. Then use an emery board or pumice stone to smoothen the particular wart surface. Then place the internal part of the banana peel onto those warts and tape them. Do this preferably before going to bed. Leave it there for around 6 to 8 hours.

In the morning, before taking a shower, remove the banana peel. Wash the area carefully with water and soap while taking a shower. Pat it dry. Make sure that it’s completely dry before covering it with a bandage. When the bandage gets moist, change it. Virus as well as other microbes thrive in wet areas.

See the darkened area? Trim them using nail cutters until the fresh part will be exposed. Then repeat the process. You will notice the difference as early as around 4 days until it will entirely vanish after about two weeks. You may even browse information about male genital wart online to know some tips on how to prevent or even stop wart growth.

Natural home remedies work miracles. In addition, banana peel is one of the most affordable and best ways to cure warts. Therefore, if you suspect of any face wart development, then try applying this interesting kind of cure.

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