Simple Tips to Find the Best School to Jumpstart Your Truck Driving Career

6 October, 2017

There is great potential for those who take the time to graduate from a truck driving school. Those interested in traveling while getting paid or who enjoy working in peace and quiet are ideally suited to this occupation. There are some dangers that come along with transporting heavy loads around the country, but there is also great satisfaction knowing that the entire country is counting on you to safely make those deliveries.

Education Comes First

Many people will say that driver education is unnecessary for as long as one has a commercial driver’s license, a willingness to live the trucker lifestyle, and sufficient work experience in a related job. But this is not so. Truck drivers have several responsibilities that can be effectively and efficiently carried out through a combination of appropriate driver education and work experience as well as certain personal traits.

Just to mention a few of these responsibilities that can be learned in truck driving schools are:

* Recognition of all laws dictating the profession, including laws against drunk driving and laws regulating sanctioned breaks and driving hours

* Knowledge of all truck equipment and required maintenance procedures

* Planning of route with the use of several tools including satellite tracking

* Knowledge of safe handling practices for all hazardous materials that may be hauled

There is more to driving a semi truck than cruising down the highway without running four wheelers off the road. As a truck driver, you will also be required to safely maneuver rural and urban roadways that may not be as generous with space. Fitting a big truck into tight spaces takes skill, and that skill is learned through a truck driving instructional program.

Furthermore, most states also require individuals applying for the appropriate driver’s license to become truck drivers to present certifications and other equivalent documents regarding appropriate driver education. The qualifications for the commercial driver’s license also include passing the driving and knowledge tests, both of which require skills and subjects covered in driver education. With that being said, you are well-advised to keep the following tips in mind when choosing the right truck driving school.

Finding a Local Truck Driving School

You cannot make a decision on the best driving school without knowing your options. The first step is always to compile a list of all the training programs available to you. Start by asking those you already know who have experience with the trucking industry. You can then add to the list by asking other truck drivers, if you know any. If you do know a truck driver, ask for deeper advice regarding the lifestyle of a trucker to make sure you are a good fit to the job. To further expand your list, you can call your state’s transportation department and ask if they recommend any truck driving schools. They may have a list of local schools already compiled. Your final option is to look around online to add other local schools to the list.

You have to closely evaluate each of your school options to make sure you select the best school. The following criteria will help you determine which school is the best:

* Well Trained, Knowledgeable Teachers – The ratio between teacher and students should not be too large in a truck driving school, since each student will need individual attention. Ideally, your school should provide class sizes of four or five per teacher. Each teacher should be familiar withal aspects of truck driving, or should be experienced drivers in their own right.

* Quality of Facilities – The driving schools must offer actual driving experience in their practice lots. This is called drive time, which can vary from one driving school to the next but it should be a minimum of 32 hours for the entire program. Obviously, the general rule is the more drive time, the better for you.

You should also consider two other important factors in choosing a driving school. First, look at its location and determine your willingness to travel to it for the next several weeks. Second, compute for the cost of driver education including the tuition and other incidental expenses. Once you have made your comparisons between driving schools, you can now make a wise decision.

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