Smart Shopping Tips and How to Be a Wise Shopper

28 June, 2013

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Christmas is just around the corner and everywhere in Malaysia, sales are invitingly beckoning. Even warehouse sales have jumped onto the bandwagon with huge discounts to encourage consumers to shop, shop and shop! If the traffic jams around the malls in KL are an indicator, Malaysians’ favourite past time definitely seems to be shopping!

Despite the recent economic crisis and the downward trend of worldwide economies, the impact still has not been fully felt by Malaysians as most of us still have our jobs and monthly paychecks. However, economists everywhere are predicting that the worst is still yet to come.

As a measure of prudence, it is a wise time to shop a little more wisely. Women, especially, are usually guilty of impulse shopping and the retailers know it by packaging their products in pretty packages which are guaranteed to catch a woman’s eye. Hence, here are some tips on how to avoid impulse shopping and be a wise shopper.

Leave Your Credit Cards

The next time you go out shopping, try leaving your credit cards at home. Pay for your purchases only with cash. While credit cards often earn you points and help you afford things that you might not be able to afford with your cash, it is only too easy to lose control when shopping with a credit card. To avoid credit card debt, why not give this a try the next time you go out shopping?

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Avoid Emotional Shopping

Shopping can often be a mood enhancer, especially for women. When in a depressed state of mind, it is only too easy to succumb to that expensive handbag or Jimmy Choos beckoning invitingly from the store window. Often, women who have suffered a break-up or an argument would hit the mall for some “retail therapy“. This often leads to impulse buying and once this state of mind has passed, you might find yourself wondering why you even bought the item in the first place!

Stick To Your List

Make a shopping list and try to stick to it. The next time you have to go out grocery shopping or even Christmas shopping, try taking some time before your trip to make a list based on your budget and take it out often during your shopping trip to keep yourself on track. It is easy to make a list but even harder to stick to one so reward yourself with a little treat for sticking to your list

Don’t Shop Empty

How many of us have gone grocery or window shopping before on an empty stomach and suddenly found everything looking so inviting? Research has proven that shopping while hungry often results in impulse shopping as all items, especially food, looks really good. On a personal note, I have found that this is especially true when I am clothes shopping and sometimes get carried away with buying more than I need! Hence, fuel up before you embark on your shopping trip!

It is hard for women not to succumb to impulse shopping especially when retailers everywhere are scrambling for their attention through subliminal marketing messages and clever advertising. However, with some planning and conscious shopping, you can save some money on your shopping and avoid impulse buys which might only end up at the back of your wardrobe or in the bin.

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