Smart Tips On How to Save On Holidays

27 March, 2015

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Anytime is always a great time to plan for a holiday! With advance planning and sufficient research, you would be surprised to know how much savings you can have on your dream holiday regardless of whether you are travelling as a couple, with your family or even with young children in tow!

Read below for some great holiday saving tips.

Travel Fairs

  • Take advantage of travel fairs and keep a look out for them in your local newspapers. I believe many found great savings at the Matta Fair that was held in KL recently. Another great travel fair to look out for is the Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair where cheap bargains are easily found.
  • If booking at a travel fair, always read the fine print and be extra careful. Dates of travel usually cannot be changed and there have also been horror stories of unscrupulous travel agents making off with their clients’ money after the fair.

Travel During Non-Peak Periods

  • This is a little harder if you have young school-going children as school holidays and public holidays tend to be super peak periods with fares and hotel accommodation costing up to triple the normal rates.
  • However, if you are a couple, consider traveling during weekdays and avoid public holidays or weekends. You would be surprised at how substantial the cost savings are.

Book online

  • Often, travel websites run special offers which can work out cheaper than booking directly with your hotel or airline. Sites such as LastMinute.com run fantastic last minute deals for spontaneous travellers.
  • However, as a precaution, always only book with reputable websites to ensure you have a valid booking when you arrive at your accommodation.

Travel Domestic

  • There are lots of wonderful sights and holiday spots right in your very own state or country! So, instead of crowding onto a plane with other holiday goers, why not plan a road trip around your state or country? You might discover some interesting secrets you have never known before!

Red-Eye Travelling

  • Red-eye flights, buses or trains are those which run throughout the night which means you arrive red-eyed at your destination if you were unable to sleep! These options are sometimes cheaper but take only if you are able to sleep whilst travelling.
  • On the bright side, you will save a night’s accommodation as well!

Remember, a wonderful holiday does not have to be expensive or break the budget!

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