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7 October, 2012

The Alternative To Liposuction Surgery And All Its Advantages

In Louisville and other cities all over the country, liposuction surgery is giving way to its more innovative substitute: Smart Lipo. Dangerous side-effects and extensive recovery periods are not factors that one should have to suffer to achieve the ideal body. That’s why there’s the new quick, safe, and effective alternative.

So what is the new Smart Lipo innovation? Smart Lipo is the first FDA permitted laser solution to unwanted fat. Because it uses lasers, it’s minimally invasive. The extremely small tube is inserted directly into the fat layer safely and easily. It is applied right to the fat cells to facilitate quick and easy removal and also affects the skin cells so that the skin around the fat is tightened and smoothened. It is typically performed under local anesthesia and sessions last approximately an hour.

A candidate for Smart Lipo should have realistic expectations. Commonly, those who undergo this operation have attempted to alter their unwanted fat areas with traditional diet and exercise, but have been unsuccessful. Candidates should, as with most surgeries, be in good health. Smart Lipo is ideal for treating areas such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs, upper arms, pectoral areas, and chin and neck.

This alternative offers a number of advantages over the traditional form of liposuction surgery. Because it is performed under only local anesthetic, it eliminates the risk of general anesthesia, which is often related to many traditional liposuction problems. Bruising, bleeding, and swelling is also very minimal in this procedure as well because the lasers cause the blood vessels to coagulate immediately – as a result, the recovery period is also minimal. It is also unlike liposuction in that there is no excess skin – because the laser treats the skin as well, the outer area around the treated area will tighten with the removal of fat to resume looking natural.

The recovery period is quick and nearly painless. The only requirement is that a compressive garment is to be worn for a few days after the surgery. The results will only take a few days to show, but once they do, they are permanent. Since the fat cells are removed rather than shrunk, the patient will never have the issue of unwanted fat again.

Life’s too short for a person feel negatively toward his or her body. The liposuction surgery that was too risky to be an option before has just become ideal. It’s safe, it’s quick, and it won’t affect a patient’s schedule. In just an hour, patients can feel a lifetime of confidence toward his or her body.

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