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22 June, 2011

Online Reputation Monitoring Tools: I don’t have enough time in the day to run my business, let alone monitor my online reputation! Should I employ additional staff to review all the comments made about my store on social networks?

Is it just me or does every day bring a new social netowrk that is going to take over the world? And now I have to watch my online reputation there too! And the majority of them encourage conversations about businesses and brands.

How can I ever keep up with the deluge of comments?

Large corporations are spending lots of money employing 3rd parties to manage every aspect of their online reputation. However, small and medium size companies are using their precious little time or are forced to hire new staff dedicated to online reputation management.

With ever shrinking profit margins, small companies are struggling to manage their online reputation.

So the answer to your question is; yes and no! I say yes to hiring and dedicating a person to respond to any mentions about you in social media sites, and other places or portals that your fan-base is leaving comments about you, just to establish dialog with them. I say no to hiring someone to manage “all” your online management needs which is virtually impossible for popular companies! There are agencies that offer affordable online reputation management tools that may alleviate the headaches of businesses managing their own online reputation. We heard about a very affordable
social media monitoring tool that provides real time access to over 80 different social networks and lists every mention about our company on those websites. What distinguishes from other companies is of course their price. At 10 bucks for 100 searches, and the sentiment scoring that makes it easy for you quickly zero in on any negative comments without the need to search all the social media sites or read through hundreds or thousands of pages of mentions. It just makes sense.

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