Soul Mate or Just Another Date

2 April, 2017

Soul Mate Or Just Another Date

Soul Mate or Just Another Date


Both men and women have made finding their soul mate more of a job and task that the enjoyment that God has designed for this to be.

Individuals have made finding their soul mate a rigorous and painstaking effort when it’s so easy to do.

Most individuals are unaware of the signals they’re sending out and they’re repelling their soul mate instead of attracting them.

Discover the keys to finding your soul mate, within this book you will learn:

  • How to know the ideal soul mate for you.

  • How to attract your soul mate.

  • The two things that will guarantee you success in finding your soul mate.

  • Your soul mate is also seeking you.

  • No other person can do for you what your soul mate can do for you.

Within this book are powerful truths that give you the answers to finding your soul mate, here is your road map follow it and God through his divine intelligence and wisdom  will bring both of you together in his own way GUARANTEED!

So Why Did I Write This Book?

  • Because I want you to meet the person of your dreams and I know that meeting your soul mate does not have to be a  task or painstaking effort.

No PHD Required

You certainly don’t have to take a college course or take dating classes in order to meet your soul mate. I should know, when I got on the dating scene I was no Romeo but praise God by using the principles in this book I was able to meet my soul mate in less than 90 days.

After almost a year and a half of just dates this seemed to be a continuous pattern but one day I was blessed to come into the knowledge of how to attract my soul mate using biblical principles and as a result I was blessed to meet my soul mate and establish a loving relationship.

But this is more than a book about relationships….it’s about meeting the person of your dreams.

 I soon discovered what were the real benefits that come as a result of meeting your soul mate and having that special, special someone in your life that fulfills a place in your heart that God has put there that only your soul mate can fill.


  • Having someone to love you as much as you love them.

  • Having someone that treats you with the upmost respect.

  • Having a soul mate that doesn’t take you for granted but cherish you.

  • A soul mate that understands you.

  • A soul mate that allows you to be you.

  • A soul mate that’s a good communicator.

  • A soul mate that makes you feel like you’re the greatest lady on earth, HIS QUEEN.

  • A soul mate that makes you feel like you’re the greatest man on earth, HER KING.

  • A soul mate that enjoys being in your presence.

  • A soul mate thats’s a blessing to your life.

The blessing that comes from finding your soul mate is a gift from God because no one can do for you what your soul mate can do for you.

So What Do You See In Your Future?

Because Individuals have married the wrong person in life the divorce rate is one out of  every two marriages ending in divorce and growing. Rather than be a part of the statistics wouldn’t you rather marry your ideal soul mate and enjoy a life of  love, passion, communication, respect, spiritual connection and life long happiness?

The possibility of you meeting your soul mate without applying the things in this book is slim to none. However, with this vital information the potential of you attracting your soul mate is 80% higher. Every day men and women are discovering their soul mate and experiencing the wholeness that God has ordained for their life.

Do You See Yourself On This List?.

  • Single and desire to find your soul mate?

  • A person that knows that marriage life is for you?

  • A person that’s ready to form a relationship?

  • Someone that has a lot of love to give?

  • Someone that knows God has someone special for them?

  • Someone that’s ready to committ to a serious relationship?

  • Someone that’ ready to settle down and give your love to that special someone.

  • Of the belief that you’re a good person and just havent’t met the right individual.

  • Someone that believes that God knows your desire and doesn’t want you to wait forever.

  • Someone who has seen blessings in many areas of your life yet this one area seems to evade you.

STOP EVERYTHING! It’s Time to Say “Good bye” to Singleness and A Life Without Your Soul Mate!

If God will do it for me and countless others HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU TOO! He has blessed me to put together this well written book full of revelatory knowledge that will give you understanding on exactly what to do to find your soul mate in the 21st century.

I not only tell you what to do but also how to do it in detailed explanation.

This blessed ebook “Soul Mate or Just Another Date” answers your questions, and that main question on the mind of so many single people today “How Will You Know?”

Here’s What You Get:

  • You get 80 information packed pages of simple truths so often overlooked but produces results.

  • A biblical statement of affirmation that will attract to you your ideal soul mate.

  • A decree that will enable you to start you day out right for continuous results.

  • 10 elements of truth for a successful relationship and marriage.

  • 10 elements of truth that will guarantee you a failed relationship and marriage.

  • How to avoid another broken relationship and broken promises.

  • How to call forth your soul mate even if you don’t know who they are.

  • A biblical knowledge of God’s ideal relationship between a man and woman.

  • How to find your good thing.

  • How to know God’s divine plan for your life.



Plus 2 Bonuses with the purchase of this Incredible book

In addition to getting all this life changing information you’ll also get these two reports worth $19.95 which alone will save you time and money in relationships.


10 Questions to Ask to See if You’ve Met Your Soul Mate.

10 Ways To Know If You’ve Met Your Soul Mate.


If you order within the next 24 hours you will receive absolutely FREE our newest book “Your Soul Mate Is Also Seeking You.”

In this book you will learn:

  • How at this very moment your soul mate is yearning for you.

  • How at this very moment your soul mate is desiring you.

  • How operating in the spiritual world (biblically) vs operating in the natural world will make you a magnet in attracting your soul mate. Ephesians 1:3

  • How operating in the spiritual realm (biblically) vs operating in the natural realm will give you the advantage while others only know the natural realm. Ephesians 1:17-19

  • How using spiritual laws vs natural laws to attract your soul mate is as different as night and day. St. John 3:12

Your soul mate at this very moment wants to know where you are, they’re ready to meet you, they’re ready to meet the person of their dreams, YOU!

If others want to operate in ignorance and continue to live a life of singleness and frustration so be it. But if you believe that this life is not for you then begin to chart your destiny and take control of your relationship life. The bible says, ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6a Why be destroyed when the knowledge is readily available through this ebook.

Once Again Here’s What You Will Receive

  • The bestselling book “Soul Mate or Just Another Date.”

  • The Report “10 Truths That Will Guarantee You A Successful Relationship With Your Soul Mate.”

  • The Report “10 Questions to ask to See if You’ve Met Your Soul Mate.”

  • Our Newest Book “Your Soul Mate is Also Seeking You.”

Other affiliates marketing ebooks sells for up to $100 and they don’t even come close to offering what you will receive through these power packed books and reports.

So what’s the catch? Why am I selling all this amazing and life changing information for less than $50 or even $20?

Well, for one simple reason:

Since you will be receiving the ebook via the Internet, I have no inventory or order fulfillment cost. There’s no shipping department, no receptionist, no couriers, etc. I only have to concern myself with online costs.

Therefore I can pass those savings on to you. This is win-win for both of us! I save in costs and you save in price!

The reports alone are worth the cost of this book and they will spare you wasted time, money and energy GUARANTEED!

Special Price for This Ebook Introductory:

Reg. $39.95 

Save $20.00

Only $19.95

Unbelieveable, yes, the price is right only $19.95. You save over 50% off of the regular price.

Is there a guarantee? Absolutely! It comes with a 30 day money back iron clad guarantee.

This incredible book and all the FREE REPORTS are now waiting for you!

I look forward to hearing from you with a testiomony of how God brought you and your ideal soul mate together through his divine intelligence and wisdom.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesistate, you can have this valuable information in less than 24 hours. And don’t worry most of our buyers have never purchased an ebook and they still have the information in less than 24 hours.

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready for the relationship of your dreams?

Well, go ahead and begin your journey of finding your soul mate in the 21st century!

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It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00 am in the morning!

Get “Soul Mate or Just Another Date” right now. Read it and study it. See if it doesn’t make more sense to you than anything you’ve ever heard on the subject before. 

Gain the satisfaction of knowing that your relationship life is in your hand not another and this ebook will show you exactly what to do to meet your soul mate. GUARNATEED!

“I want you to begin to enjoy your relationship life with the individual you were destined to be with.

This Time Next Year:

  • You will be enjoying the love of your life.

  • You will be spending your days communicating with the one you love.

  • You will be going to movies not alone anymore or with friends but with your soul mate.

  • You will be going out to dinner with the love of your life.

  • You would have made plans for your future together.

  • You will be introducing your soul mate to others as your future husband/wife.

  • You will even be making plans for your wedding. 

How can I make such bold statements you may wonder? Because it happened to me after I put into practice the principles and truths in this book.

So what are you waiting for, click on the button below and once you are approved, you will be taken to a special page that will give you the information you need.

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“We’ll only guarantee you’ll receive these bonuses if you order by midnight tonight.”

“We’ll only guarantee to hold this price for the next 24 hours,”

Dexter L. Jones

The Prosperity Center, P.O. Box 331, LaGrange, NC 28551

Phone: 919-273-3195 / email:soulmateorjustadate@yahoo.com 

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