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26 April, 2012

In the event that living in France is exactly what you would like, you’re going to discover a many things are similar as they’d be in great britain and in many cases America. At the same time, you will discover differences that expats will begin to observe.

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One simple requirement of daily life which can require a higher point in the correct direction for some, involves the particulars of visiting a large grocery store!

Americans particularly may be in for a little bit of a lifestyle jolt on their first and even 20th trip to a French superstore.

Whilst things here seem identical on the surface, some will find unique distinctions which can be worthwhile observing. It goes double for expats who are used to running to the corner grocery store anytime of the day or night time for products or food products that hit their fancy.

Supermarkets in France just don’t run on the 24-hour-a-day schedule many are widely-used to in their lands of origin.

The majority of grocers in France are closed on sundays and all of major holidays. Additionally they usually tend to close between 6 and 7 in the evening, which can be something which tends to strike Americans as funky.

Other things individuals should know include: –

Trolley deposit.

The vast majority of Europeans are accustomed to the practice of the need to put a deposit down for a shopping cart – Americans aren’t.

Plan on having to pay perhaps a Euro down to acquire this privilege. Take it easy though, the money will be refunded after the shopping basket is returned.

Weighing produce.

French food markets usually do not weigh and price fresh produce for shoppers. Customers need to do it by themselves.

Food markets have special weighing scales that print out the right label amount for purchases, so please don’t be concerned that this practice will likely be too tough.

Consumers will need to learn to shop by kilo instead of pounds, nonetheless.

Bagging food.

Plan to bag ones own products if shopping in a French grocery store is in your plan! Yet again, this is something European expats will not be unaccustomed to, but American stores typically do not permit self-bagging of food!


French food markets are likely to have an extremely wide range of merchandise for patrons from which to choose. It isn’t even impossible to get American products in certain shops.

Really don’t expect to find everything from home just anticipating a pick-up though. And, do expect to pay a great deal more for products that are imported.

On the list of top food products American expats by way of example have discovered a lack of in certain regions of France is simple cheddar cheese.

It might be had in more populated locations, but learn to adore French cheese as an alternative if the country side is where you plan to plant roots.

Living in France can be an adventure many expats endeavor to take on. Learning to live like the French, however, might be a bit of a challenging task for some. From grocery shopping to eating dinner out, there are subtle differences which will take some getting used to.

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