Spending Less in Ramadhan My Smart Money Tips

19 June, 2016

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1 September kicked off the start of Ramadhan – the holy month for Muslims where they observe a month of fasting, prayer and abstainence during the day to learn patience, humility and to relate to those who are less fortunate.

Yesterday marked the first day for breaking of fast. It is usually a festive day with families returning from all over to celebrate this significant day together. However, despite the Government’s efforts, the slowdown in the economy and spike in inflation has cast some gloom over this usually festive period.

A check by The Star in Jalan Masjid India yesterday also found that, despite having the usual offerings on sale, many did not feel the cheer of the coming Hari Raya because the cost of living had gone up.

So here are some tips on how you can save this Ramadhan to ensure a festive Hari Raya ahead!

Buy from stalls with reasonable prices

I paid a visit to a Pasar Ramadhan nearby yesterday and was pleased to find that most of the prices were not substantially increased and some still remained as per their prices last year.

Food prices have remained the same this fasting month despite the increase in fuel prices and other foodstuff – The Star –

Enjoy the free “Bubur Lambuk”

Despite the long queues, the bubur lambuk given out for free by the Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru has never failed to draw Muslims from all over the city, including the Prime Minister, to enjoy this savoury porridge. So enjoy this delicious and nutritious breaking fast delicacy for free this Ramadhan.

Don’t overbuy

After a long day of fasting, the colourful drinks and delicious food sold at the Pasar Ramadhan are very tempting indeed. However, break fast in moderation this year and try not to buy too many goodies from the stalls. Instead, spread out the goodies over the whole month. Every little savings will count for a wonderful Raya ahead.

With careful spending and budgeting, this coming Hari Raya can still be a festive one despite some price increases. So to all the Muslims, have a moderate and happy Ramadhan and a wonderful Hari Raya ahead.

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