27 January, 2014

Making a Budget – Learn how to make a budget and also the importance of a budget in controlling your spending.

Sticking to a Budget – Making a budget is easy, but following a budget can be the hard part.  Learn some tips to help you follow that budget and stay on track with your spending.

Negotiating Fees – Did you know it can be fairly easy to reduce some of those nagging fees you are getting charged everytime you turn around.  Read this article and save yourself some green.

Controlling Spending – Can’t seem to get your spending habits under control?  This article may help.

Creative Vacations – Money is a little tighter for most families.  Find out how you can still take that vacation and not spend as much this year.

What to do with $1000 – If you are lucky to have a little extra cash in one of your accounts, here are some interesting ideas on what to do with it that you may not have considered.

Teen Spending Habits –
Interesting article on teen spending and how to teach your children effective spending habits a young age.

When not to Skimp – This website is all about saving money.  However, there are some things you should be spending your money on.  Find out what those things are.

Financial Housekeeping – This article focuses on getting your financial house in order for you and your family.

Hang on to that Car – It is great to have a new car every few years, but it is not always the wisest financial choice

When not to Hit the Big Discount Stores– Depending on how you shop, sometimes you should not always look to the big discount stores for all your purchases

When to Buy an Airline Upgrade – Sometimes it could be to your benefit to upgrade your airline ticket

The Value of the Dollar – Why it Matters – There has been a lot of press about the value of the dollar.  Why does this matter?

Why it is so Hard to Change Spending Habits – Although you know you should save, it is hard to control spending habits

Is a Home Warranty Worth it – find out if a home warranty may be good for your situation or not

Thinking of Flipping a House – If you have ever considered flipping a house you need to read this

The Razor Blade Game – Tired of paying for expensive razor blades for your disposable razor?  Maybe you do not have too.

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